Our Only Hope is in Zion

Huerfanato hondureño

My brother and I were talking the other night about how things can actually get done, we were talking about a solution…as best as we can figure out right now. This has been on my mind and I can only think of … Continue reading

Mormon Reconciliation

Haida Reconciliation Lamanites Native Americans Mormon Ephraim Manasseh

Curses are meant to be broken. Schisms are meant to be sealed. Reconciliation. I created this blog to record my journey to the land of Zion. I had desires to live a Christ like life, serving the oppressed as Christ did. Then … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Jesus Christ Peace Christmas

“Someday At Christmas” Someday at Christmas men won’t be boys Playing with bombs like boys play with toys One warm December our hearts will see A world where men are free Someday at Christmas there’ll be no wars When we … Continue reading

Why I am Going to Zion


Two Homeless Men Saved Me 2002 After I finished my two year mission in Chile, I was in Vancouver, BC shopping for clothes before I headed down to college. While driving in the downtown, I was stopped in the right … Continue reading

The Structure of Zion

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So what is this strange and weird place known as Zion? It’s simple, like the carpenter’s Son. I won’t say what the structure is, because it is without structure (from a certain point of view). In trying to structure it, … Continue reading