First things first

So I want to get to Zion. I want to be there with my family, friends and as many people who want to be there. Zion will be established and I’m not going to wait any longer. This blog will be a record of my journey. The posts will be about what I’m doing as I go to Zion.

Here’s my game plan…

1)Figure out what is Zion. I need to know what Zion is.

2)The physical journey. We will have to travel there. So I’m going to need a map. Imagine playing Zelda without a map from the Nintendo Power magazine. Good luck.

3)The Spiritual Journey. On my physical journey I need to take a spiritual journey.

I’d say it’s been a year that I’ve really wandered around the bloggernacle. There are some awesome blogs out there. So many people out there are doing so much to seek truth. I’ve been changed. I’m sure God has been working on me but I have been stagnant for so long. Well, I don’t think one can be stagnant for longer than an instant. You either are progressing or being taking away by entropy. Anyways, I think I have woken back up and started to progress again.


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