The Lamanites Will Build Zion

The original title of this post was going to be: “Orson Pratt is on Team Jacob” but then I wasn’t sure if the Spirit is a fan of Twilight.

My last post should have been titled something along the lines of The Society of Zion. It is not my place or people that will be the leaders and designers of the City of Zion. It is the Lamanites, the Native Americans that will build it. I can only assist in the building of Zion.The remnant of Lehi will have the knowledge and receive revelations to accomplish it. This was taught and shared by the early members of the church, but has been virtually forgotten.

Now, a great many, without reading these things, have flattered themselves that we are the ones who are going to do all this work. It is not so; we have got to be helpers, we have got to be those who cooperate with the remnants of Joseph in accomplishing this great work; for the Lord will have respect unto them, because they are of the blood of Israel, and the promises of their fathers extend to them, and they will have the privilege of building that city, according to the pattern that the Lord shall give. -Orson Pratt

Whoa, whoa, whoa! How come I never heard about this before Arkwelder posted it on puremormonism? Ya, it’s in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Orson Pratt spoke about it a lot…but how come this was a big surprise to me and to anyone else I’ve spoken with about it? Like I keep saying, my ignorance is my fault. But this is should be something that every Mormon should know about. We hear about Zion but hardly talk about building the physical city other than in the back of our minds or the occasional side reference. We know it has to be done before the Savior’s 2nd coming or we are screwed.

This makes sense to me. Perhaps it is just my upbringing. My mom was way into Native American folklore, art, culture and people. Being from Seattle also had a big effect as people are really into the First Nations culture. One of my best friends from high school is from some Tribe in Northern California. There are lots of reservations around Seattle and Washington state. To me, this makes sense. For all that I tried to understand and know what the structure of Zion is going to be like, I just couldn’t find anything on it or know it.

I don’t mention it in this post but the Lamanites are not what most believe to be including all the people of Central and South America. Here’s a post at puremormonism about it. The Lamanites as taught by Joseph Smith were those in the borders of the 19th Century USA. In the old Northwest, the great lakes region.

It’s funny because as I was reading the Book of Mormon yesterday before work, in Helaman it talks about geography and with my new perspective as I read it, it made perfect sense and I could visualize pretty accurately what it was talking about. This makes sense when you study about the promises and role the Lamanites are to play. It then makes sense why Zion has not yet been built. That will have to be for another post.

Orson Pratt shared what he knew about Zion at a meeting back in 1875. It’s long but if you want to read the whole thing, follow this link. Orson shared some great information about Zion. He also shared a lot of his own views. I can’t blame him for it. It’s hard not to try and figure it out and hope the Lord reveals something as we search. Especially something as necessary as Zion. There are many issues that we can look back and say, ya that was definitely a product of his culture and society that formed that view.

I’m going to share paragraphs from it and put my comments in italics. The biggest surprise and essential piece is the role the Native Americans will play. Actually, it’s the role we, for the most part the current members of the church will play…assisting. Go ahead and read. It’s awesome.

Here we go…

This is what we must look for—these are the things that must be fulfilled, and for which we must seek and pray in an understanding manner. Not asking God to redeem Zion before he has redeemed a portion of the remnants of Joseph; not asking God to establish this people upon their inheritances in Jackson County, until the other things are fulfilled in their order, and in their times and seasons. First, a remnant will be converted; second, Zion will be redeemed, and all among the Gentiles who believe will assist this remnant of Jacob in building the New Jerusalem; third, a vast number of missionaries will be sent throughout the length and breadth of this great continent, to gather all the dispersed of his people in unto the New Jerusalem; fourth, the power of heaven will be made manifest in the midst of this people, and the Lord also will be in their midst, in the character of a shepherd, and he will lead Joseph as a flock, and he will instruct and counsel them personally as he did their ancient fathers in the days of their righteousness.

1)Lamanites converted: The Native Americans

2)Zion redeemed by Lamanites (Native Americans) and assisted by the Gentiles (us).

3)Missionaries sent out to gather, gather, aka gather. 


Perhaps some may inquire—“Have you any idea, brother Pratt, how we will be redeemed when we have accomplished this work you have spoken of?” Not much, I do not pretend to have a great deal of understanding upon the subject; but there are some few things revealed, some of which I read to you at the commencement of my remarks. Speaking of the redemption of this people, the Lord says—“Behold I will raise up a man like unto Moses.” This did not mean Joseph Smith, he was already raised up and was among us. He was the one who received that revelation; he was the one who brought to light the Book of Mormon, and translated it by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. But the Lord, who understands the end from the beginning, saw that when his work was completed, he would be taken away, and that another would be raised up. “Behold I say unto you, the redemption of Zion must needs come by power, therefore I will raise up unto my people a man who shall lead them like as Moses led the children of Israel, for ye are the children of Israel, and of the seed of Abraham, and ye must needs be led out of bondage by power, with an outstretched arm, and as your fathers were led at the first, even so shall the redemption of Zion be.”

Moses was an Israelite. One of the minority that was ruled and oppressed by the nation of Egypt. To me, if one is to be raised like Moses, it would be a Native American.

It may be that we shall yet be in bondage like the Israelites in the land of Egypt; for the Lord has said that, when this man should be raised up, he would redeem his people by power out of bondage, and they should be led as their fathers were led at the first.

But when we have two Mormons running for president and one with a decent chance and the head of the Senate a Mormon, then we are not the oppressed, we are the oppressors. “But we are oppressed, we have a massive PR campaign to help fix that…” Ya us and everyone else too. We all can paint ourselves the victims. Go and visit the Rez, then tell me who is oppressed. Of course we are in Spiritual Bondage in the chains of Babylon, but like I’ve stated in other posts, it doesn’t look like the leadership in the LDS church will be leaving Babylon any time soon. If anything, the Mormons are in the role of the Egyptians with the rest of the US and the Lamanites/Israel are in the role of Israel (funny how that works out). The Natives have been fighting the oppression for so long. They can only remember the good old days before. Just like Israel in Egypt. There may be a few individuals go to prepare the way, to purchase a little more land and get things in orders; but when that is accomplished, this people as a body will return to that land, the Lord going with them.

Notice he said “a few individuals,” not the first presidency or church. They are on some other track: “In 1978, for example, when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints purchased over 4,000 acres of land across the river in Clay County, many Mormons concluded that this was somehow a sign of the temple’s immediate construction. Church leaders stressed that the purchase was for investment purposes only.” [Church News 16 Dec 1978] (My emphasis in bold)

Investment purposes? That’s not Zion, that’s Babylon. 

This people—the Latter-day Saints, before they can ever return to build up the waste places of Zion and receive their inheritances in Jackson County, Missouri, have got to exert themselves to bring the remnants of Joseph to a knowledge of the truth. We have not made any very great exertions in this direction unto the present time.

Things haven’t gotten any better in the past 136 years since Orson opined that they hadn’t made any great exertions.

Another thing mentioned in prophecy is that they, “the Gentiles,” shall assist my people, the house of Israel, the remnant of Jacob, and also as many of the house of Israel as shall come, that they may build a city, which shall be called the New Jerusalem; and then shall they assist my people, who are scattered upon all the face of the land, that may be gathered in unto the New Jerusalem; and then shall the power of heaven come down and be in the midst of this people, and I also will be in their midst. And then shall the work of the Father commence, at that day, even when this Gospel shall be preached among the remnant of this people. Verily I say unto you, in that day shall the work of the Father commence among all the dispersed of my people.”

The lost tribes cannot be gathered until Zion, the New Jerusalem is built. So for all our missionary efforts, we’re doing it out of order. It’s like wiping before you poop. “And then shall the work of the Father commence, at that day, even when this Gospel shall be preached among the remnant of this people.” 

I’m looking for anyway that I can help. Those missions of bringing the Lamanites back, I can do that. That is what Ephraimites do, we are gatherers (missionaries).

What I wish to call your special attention to now, so far as these sayings are concerned, is this—the Latter-day Saints in these mountains never can have the privilege of going back to Jackson County and building that city which is to be called the New Jerusalem, upon the spot that was appointed by revelation through the Prophet Joseph, until quite a large portion of the remnants of Joseph go back with us. Now then, here is a work for us, and we have no need to pray the Father to return us to Jackson County until that work is done. We can pray to the Father, in the name of Jesus, to convert these Indian tribes around us, and bring them to a knowledge of the truth, that they may fulfill the things contained in the Book of Mormon.

The Lord says—“They,” the Gentiles, who believe in the Book of Mormon, “shall assist my people, the remnant of Jacob, that they may build a city, which shall be called the New Jerusalem.”

Now, a great many, without reading these things, have flattered themselves that we are the ones who are going to do all this work. It is not so; we have got to be helpers, we have got to be those who cooperate with the remnants of Joseph in accomplishing this great work; for the Lord will have respect unto them, because they are of the blood of Israel, and the promises of their fathers extend to them, and they will have the privilege of building that city, according to the pattern that the Lord shall give. Do not misunderstand me, do not think that all the Lamanite tribes are going to be converted and receive this great degree of education and civilization before we can return to Jackson County. Do not think this for a moment, it will only be a remnant; for when we have laid the foundation of that city and have built a portion of it, and have built a Temple therein, there is another work which we have got to do in connection with these remnants of Jacob whom we shall assist in building the city. What is it? We have got to be sent forth as missionaries to all parts of this American continent. Not to the Gentiles, for their times will be fulfilled; but we must go to all those tribes that roam through the cold regions of the north—British America, to all the tribes that dwell in the Territories of the United States, also to all those who are scattered through Mexico, and Central and South America, and the object of our going will be to declare the principles of the Gospel unto them, and bring them to a knowledge of the truth. “Then shall they assist my people who are scattered on all the face of the land, that they may be gathered in to the New Jerusalem.”

This is my opinion but it has to contribute to the extremely low retention of South American converts. It was down to around 1% in many missions down there. Maybe it’s because they are to be gathered physically to Zion. Since that is not happening, a vital piece of the Spirit of the Lord’s work is missing. Things have fallen apart. Zion is the glue, the cause, that if missing, nothing will hold together and we end up in apostasy.

How important is Orson’s message! I think of Jack Sparrow’s compass in the The Pirates of the Caribbean. It worked according to their greatest desire. The main characters realize that what their mind wanted wasn’t what their heart wanted. How can we desire the right thing if we don’t know about it? If we aren’t desiring the right thing or the right order, then where the heck have we been going for the past 150 years? What has happened?

On another site, going over the history of Zion in Indepnedence, the author aptly describes the current state of the LDS church’s Zion.

“The glossy brochures, the young missionary women, the beautiful grounds do nothing to the Spirit of Zion in Missouri than reiterate the fact that these monuments are the gravestones of Zion.” link

So you’ve heard these things. Now what are you going to do? We can’t stick our heads in the ground, we have to follow the Lord or reject Zion. To me, this is exciting, it’s like finding a major clue in a treasure map. Are you a Lamanite, a lost tribe or a Gentile? Know who you are and what your role is. If this gospel is true. If the Book of Mormon is true. If Joseph Smith was a true prophet. No amount of FHE, mutual night activities or trunk or treats will accomplish any of this. It’s time to go big or go home. This is the gospel of action. If we aren’t actively engage in the process, it doesn’t really matter what else we are engaged in. I know what I am going to do.

1)Lamanites converted (The Native Americans)

2)Zion redeemed by Lamanites (Natives) & assisted by the Gentiles (us). 

3)Missionaries sent out to gather, gather, aka gather. 

35 thoughts on “The Lamanites Will Build Zion

    • That’s kinda the theme of Mormonism, at least the Mormonism of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. This isn’t a church of Sunday Worship, Bible Study, Be Nice and call it good. It’s the sacrifice of all things, the active participation, a get out on the road to Damascus life.

      I remember you posted or commented somewhere a while back about your desires to go on a mission and were trying to figure it out. I’ve been thinking about if I went on a mission, what would I share and say? Because it would be very different than when I went before (19 yrs old, 2 years, Macy’s suit, discussions, etc.). Until I found out about the Lamanite’s role, I wasn’t too sure about what to do when people want to move forward with what I would share.

      I want to go on a mission to the Native Americans and share the Book of Mormon. Get them to realize who they are and to understand the Spirit and revelation. Then let them take the lead on Zion.

  1. The natives have the blueprint of Zion written on their hearts. With us, the gentiles, it’s just a bunch of guesswork. That is the difference between us and them. That is why we cannot build it ourselves. That is why we must only assist (3 Nephi 21:22-23). The tables are turning. We need them as much as–if not moreso than–they need us.

    • That is the major them of the Book of Mormon. The beginning starts out as an intro and set up as we follow Lehi to the new world. Once that happens, the people split into Lamanites and Nephites. For the rest of the book, the only time things are all good is when they unite and follow Christ together.

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  3. Just to share a interesting experience… Before I was born, my Mother had a dream. A person visited her before I was born and said you’re going to have a boy, he will teach the Lamanites the gospel. A recent blessing my Father gave me mentioned that If I am faithful, I was promised by the Lord that I would share the Gospel to the Lamanites and many would believe. All these things are very interesting as I read this blog post.

    • Have you thought about that much Mark? This is very interesting. What are your thoughts now after reading the post? There are some big things that will be happening shortly. Things that haven’t happened in a long, long time.

      • Well, I’ve thought about this most of my life. Though I have been in and out of activity in the church, excommunicated, and through struggles, these promises and testimony have been branded into my heart and soul through all these struggles.

        I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t think of these promises now. I have gone through the Book of Mormon highlighting the promises of the gathering to Zion. I even sometimes think of moving close to the reservations; though, my family is against moving from Utah. All I know is a great love has been branded within me that I have carried all my life.

        Regarding the post, I loved reading it, and it confirmed to me how close the gathering is. I just wondering if the bondage that it talks about they are already facing, or what kind of bondage will they face that will hold them captive? My mother had that dream in 1970. I am now 41 going on 42; therefore, years are ticking by.

        I sometimes wonder if the 2012 Mayan calendar may represent something different. I have studied the Elders of many tribes on this matter, and they have mention that it represents a new beginning. Could that new beginning mean the gathering? I don’t know. I have so many questions, and I wish that I had the finances, time, and resources to start in aiding this, or how can I? I don’t know.

        • “I just wondering if the bondage that it talks about they are already facing, or what kind of bondage will they face that will hold them captive?” To me, it looks like they are in bondage. There are usually many layers of meaning and symbolism. So on the outer, we would look at bondage as physical bondage. Anyone who spends time on the reservations, will see the physical bondage. Alcoholism has enslaved many. As the tribal councils who “lead” the people abuse the resources. On another level, there is spiritual bondage. Spirituality that was a hallmark and greatness about the Americans, is as dead as it is among Christians. The connection between God has been enslaved to the senses that are living in illusion.

          “Could that new beginning mean the gathering?” The book of Revelations in other languages is call Apocalypse. Which is Greek for revelation. Revelation, light and truth from God changes worlds, it changes the world that an individual lives in, when one receives truth and light. Instead of Apocalypse just looking at the outward layer of symbolism, of bringing about Armageddon, there is another layer of new beginning, change. The gathering will take place. You have these desires. Few are chosen. You have been called. Connect with God. Look at what changed for the Lamanites when Ammon came to them. In fact, Ammon’s story with Lamoni is great. Very different than our traditions of forcing/expecting the Native Americans to change and become like us. Which never works out. “these promises and testimony have been branded into my heart and soul through all these struggles.” What is stopping you? Knowing what to do? Fearing the pain/discomfort of following those desires? God can change your heart and your life can change.

          “I don’t know. I have so many questions, and I wish that I had the finances, time, and resources to start in aiding this, or how can I? I don’t know.” God knows. Your senses are telling you something, you should report that to God and He will give you further light and knowledge. I used to have similar concerns. Even planning a life where I could financially help others or with my knowledge gained/learned. There is the correct way, which I didn’t understand until recently. It doesn’t involve finances, or any resources other than a willing heart, a wiling mind and a contrite spirit.

          God is the source you should seek.

          • Actually, as far as the bondage you speak of. The best way to find out is going there yourself and experiencing it. God doesn’t want us to just go and help others…he wants us to become One.

    • I wish i could understand this feeling of pure emotion running thru me as i read both your words, Mark and Rob. I’m sitting here at a restaurant with tears streaming down my face. Perhaps it is finally the beginning of the spiritual fulfillment i have expected since i got baptised 15 yrs ago, which happened because of a magnificent dream about the book of mormon and a messenger. However, the spiritual nourishment and excitement i felt all but disappeared once the stifling rules and dumbing down of everything was (immediately) evident. I just felt like ‘what’s next?!’ and the answer usually was ‘correlation’ or some other mindless institutionalised have-to. No mention of zion! No mention of gathering. Being told off for delving into scriptures. Being told my approach of love was not the right way to get things done when i was elders quorum president, and coz i could care less about numbers and other fake things like projecting how many baptisms we ned to be on par with other stakes. Felt like i have been at a coporation staff meeting instead of at the church restored by joseph smith!

      Your mom’s dream is something, mark. Reminds of something i have kept close to me and been reluctant to share, or even understand. The week i came home from my mission 12 years ago, i knelt down to pray about a friend joining the church and had a very real vision instead, of adam-ondi-ahman. It was detailed in what it looked like, and i saw adam and eve, and all their posterity there gathering solemnly, and i felt i was part of it. It lasted a full half hour. Last year i googled adam-ondi-ahman in missouri and almost had a heartattack as photos of it was exactly the same, exact.

      • Of course i dont have any understanding why i had this vision. I think my wife will soon be certain she has married a madman.

        • Trust me – my wife thought I was losing it, but you know in your heart what is right. I believe you and know that you did have that vision.

          I had a similar on where the temple in New Jerusalem was being build, I saw this while my Dad was giving me a Priesthood blessing, and mentioned sharing the gospel with the Lamanites, and, Rob – you know those white glowing spires that you posted in one of your blogs, that caught my attention because that is what I saw coming out of the ground in New Jerusalem. I even sketched it in my journal. I don’t know if it was the gate around the temple, or if it was the temple itself. Not clear. Anyways, this is the first time I’ve shared it because I hadn’t felt comfortable and I have been mocked for sharing things before. Wish you the best!!

          • 20 years ago I had a similar vision in a dream. I was in a large glamorous building full if well dressed people. A small group of us were shown the door and we exited this building. We were standing outside this building that was indeed large and it was completely black. Suddenly we heard what I can only describe as thunder above us. We looked up and saw a great and wonderous light appear above us and the sound that emulated from it was like great waters. The feeling was one of pure love and I wished that it would never end. Then the light gathered up into itself and was replaced by many smaller lights. We looked at the black building and from the ground up it began to transform into the mist beautiful edifice I have ever beheld. Where there was darkness the mist beautiful walks appeared as if made by a white glowing pearl like material. The windows sparkled like gigantic diamonds and glorious spires extended from the top. I apologize fit my weak attempt at describing this dream but even though it happened so long ago I can clearly see this scene in my mind and feel it deeply in my heart. I feel now that tge black building was the state of the lds church now and the metarmorphisis of it into that glorious temple the prophesied cleansing that must take place.

      • That is so beautiful and eloquently put. You know, sometimes — I find myself sorry I shared things because of the reaction of the people I share my deep spiritual experiences with. That is why, from now on, I will only share when prompted to do so. Here in this blog that I had stumbled upon, I felt that impression to share my experiences. I took Rob’s advice and went to the temple. I have been going weekly now, and am starting to feel more of a constant companionship of the Holy Ghost that is opening the channel more than before with our Father in Heaven. Anyways, I have been praying about my Dad’s blessing and my Mom’s vision in the Celestial Room. I haven’t really received a direct answer regarding it. I have received this through personal revelation… “Draw close to Me, Live my Gospel, Pray, Have patience, long suffering, Love all, keep your Spanish up, and wait.”

        Just a side note, my wife and I are now separated. We are because, well, she kicked me out. Which is a good thing because, she is going down the wrong road, that we always ended up going to (down the wrong path -inactivity,alcohol,drugs,tobacco, etc…). I always found my way right back where I was. I use to use drugs and alcohol to numb my pain. This is the first time that I have chosen to turn to the Lord and put my hurt, pain, and trials in His hands. I came from a marriage were i was being controlled and my free agency was taken away. I didn’t know that until we separated. I tell you this, i don’t know why I am telling you this, maybe to make a point. Oh, the point is, I am now on the right track. I know what I want. I am striving everyday to be the Lords messenger and servant. I feel that, sad to say, my marriage was holding me back from my potential, and lost focus. Sorry to bore you with that, but for some reason, I had to get that out there. Thanks for baring with me (:

        I know something is coming, I can feel it, I don’t know when, where, how, why, or any of the answers, but this I do know. I will prepare myself and go and do what the Lord commands. I have been making many friends with the sons and daughters of Lehi on facebook and striving to share my beliefs. That is a start, and so is living that life that Jesus Christ would have be live. Please share and/or comment if you feel like it. I would love to discuss this and could talk about it for hours.

        Thanks guys for listening and taking to heart what I have said, that means lots to me. Thank you for your comments and sharing your thoughts with me. (:

  4. Hey guys I enjoyed your post and recently taught a gospel doctrine lesson 3 nephi chapter 16,20 and 21. I discovered what you are saying. Check out this website. Rod Meldrum is a dna scientiest who has discovered that the hopewell Indians were the nephites. His researches is amazing and things are starting to radically move forward.

  5. i wouldn’t count the native people of south america out. joseph said that all north and south america is the land of zion. they may not be descendants of lehi, they may be. when the more complete records come forth we will know for sure. but even if they are not descendants of lehi, they have the same invitation to be numbered among his seed that us gentiles do. there’s a good chance that their fathers made similar if not greater covenants with the Lord than lehi. we just haven’t received these greater things yet because of our unbelief and hard hearts

  6. Rob,
    Some interesting thoughts you’ve presented. (I love it when people make me think!).’s search function has failed me again. I was just looking for a Conference talk by Elder Ballard (or was it Elder Nelson?) where, if I remember correctly, he states or alludes to something a dozen times – that the LDS Church IS modern Israel – God’s covenant people.
    Does that give you reason to reconsider the possibility that we LDS (“modern Israel”) are not Gentiles, but full-fledged adoptees into the House of Israel, and, that the non-LDS are the Gentiles who will be helping we LDS build the New Jerusalem?

    • Hi Jesse, just checked out your website…nice!

      If Ballard or Nelson said that, it sounds in line with what they think. It sounds just like the church leaders when Jesus was around and they claimed to be God’s covenant people and Jesus responded, “And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.” Basically, he responded with a so what? So what as in, “what does that mean to you” and so what as in “who cares?”

      A big issue, is that most everyone is covered in veils and they are blinded. They do not see the symbolism and lessons to help open our minds and hearts. I think the most blatant example is from the BofM, where there are the Nephites and the Lamanites. The LDS in general feel the Nephites are exemplary and are to be followed. They are missing the warning of the BofM prophets and stories. Check out this blog post, it is awesome!

    • As far as your question about the LDS and the Gentiles and building New Jerusalem, look at everyone, what do you see?

      Every time some awakening and rebirth has occurred throughout history, the majority of people had no idea what to expect. The ones who had the vision and connection, were considered outcasts and nut-jobs. Ancient Jews didn’t expect Jesus to be like he was and modern LDS are similar in that they have an expectation of what Zion and the second coming will be like, but they are completely off. Check this out for more. Look at their version of Zion they are building in SLC.

      The blog post I put in my last reply to you explains things pretty well about the differences between the Lamanites and the Nephites and their benefits and problems.

  7. First off, I found the thoughts about the prideful Nephites and unbelieving Lamanites very thought provoking.

    Now, Rob, what do you think about this possibility?
    There is both family tradition and some (circumstantial) evidence that my great-great grandfather was native American. And family rumor also suggests native American blood through another line as well.

    So, my question is this, do you think we have to be full-blooded native Americans before we can be full participants in building the New Jerusalem and not just the hired help? Ever since I learned as a teenager about the concept of Zion, I have had a deep desire to participate in building the New Jerusalem. Could that be my native blood talking?

    • We have to willingly leave Babylon without commandment and before the destruction of the fair city.

      Pure in Heart, oneness, all things in common, being equal. That is the only requirement, period!!!

      Can you willingly put all of your trust in Gods hands? Or do you still think you need a piece of Babylon? Can you truly submit yourself to be a servant of a people who are inferior economically but rich spiritually? And learn from them by listening first to understand them before placing a book in their hands and expect them to understand you?

      The ancients looked beyond the “mark” just as we Mormons do, we as they, say, oh, thank you God, but I can gain more by doing it my way?

      Jesus has promised us the greatest gift if we can sell all we have and consecrate it unto Him for the building of His kingdom, Zion. All are welcome to do this willingly, but sadly most want the gain in a world that was created to die.

  8. Update – I have been lead to Houston, TX by the spirit. There is a mission I am fulfilling now here, I see many more doors opening as well. You were right Rob, just follow the promptings of our Father in Heaven.

  9. Orson Pratt said: “There may be a few individuals go to prepare the way, to purchase a little more land and get things in order; but when that is accomplished, this people as a body will return to that land, the Lord going with them.”

    Church News said:

    “…when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints purchased over 4,000 acres of land across the river in Clay County, many Mormons concluded that this was somehow a sign of the temple’s immediate construction. Church leaders stressed that the purchase was for investment purposes only.”

    Rob said:

    Investment purposes? That’s not Zion, that’s Babylon.

    I say:

    Purchases and investment purposes are both Babylonian. It is important to understand what is happening and what will be happening, also what is not and what will not be happening when it comes to the establishment of Zion.

    Rob said:

    “The lost tribes cannot be gathered until Zion, the New Jerusalem is built. So for all our missionary efforts, we’re doing it out of order. It’s like wiping before you poop.”
    I say:
    In many cases and in many what has been happening and what many of us were party to under the church is worse than wiping before pooping….it is like pooping on the people we are supposed to serve by bringing the gospel. Matter of fact, using the term “the” gospel is not going to work anymore. It has been hijacked in our precious minds as kids in primary or as converts later in life who were excited about Zion and got sucked into a church who professed to be building it while in reality they were building Babylon.
    If we are going to answer a call to serve a mission to bring the gospel to the remnant then the prerequisite is to have received the gospel ourselves. So what is the gospel? Well Jesus says specifically that: “then shall the work of the Father commence, at that day, even when THIS Gospel shall be preached among the remnant of THIS people.” That is pretty specific.
    THIS gospel can be summed up in two to three maximum simple precepts. What Christ taught to the “more righteous part” of the Nephites and Lamanites who remained after the destructions mentioned in 3 Nephi was to
    1. Repent
    2. Believe on His Name
    3. Be Baptized (this is not mentioned every time but seems like a good idea)

    Have we repented personally? What does it mean to repent? And once we know what repentance really means…what are we to repent of?
    Repentance in its most basic definition and therefore most accurate is to re-think. Plain and simple…no need to dilute it or decorate it with some four-step officially recognized process. It is what it is. To repent means to rethink. When should we do it? Now…and now…and now….and always. We never stop thinking and we must never stop rethinking. To do otherwise is other than wise and means we are not thinking but stuck on one stale and crumbling, corrupting, dying thought. Gentiles are infamous for this type of thing.
    Do we believe on His Name? What is “His Name”? And furthermore, what’s in a name? If we think that it is by Jesus’ Name that we are saved and by that name alone then maybe we ought to RE-Think things. If there is an inherent power in the written or audibly pronounced name, then how is to be written on records or uttered in ordinances? Should it be in the main language of the American Gentiles, English, or Spanish? Or ought it be in Mandarin…I hear that is the next big thing in business and it is spoken by a majority of God’s children on this planet already. Maybe it will only work if we use His Hebrew name, Yeshua. Okay…I think you get the point…this is ridiculous. And when it comes down to it…we are talking about CHRIST which, although it may come as a shock or sound blasphemous to most Gentiles, CHRIST is bigger than just Jesus of Nazareth. It may be hard to explain…but he who feels it knows it. And we had better know it or we can not actually fulfill these prophecies, but will only fall into yet another false gospel with a false message and goal of a false Zion. And that will do nobody any good…especially in these last days when Rob, Mark and others on this thread can feel that the time of the Gentiles is coming to a rather quick close.

    A name is a word…but it is meant to represent the nature of something or someone. We are going to have to go way beyond the White Jesus that we grew up with and which has been introduced to the remnant already by barbarous methods through recent centuries. The name is sacred and the tribal elders caution against using it in mundane speech…they say only to use it when we are in need and actually calling upon Him. But there are many names by which He is known, and an equal number of faces…and the names and faces are not as sacred as the Spirit behind, through, and all around the names and faces.

    Rob says:
    “Those missions of bringing the Lamanites back, I can do that. That is what Ephraimites do, we are gatherers (missionaries).”

    I like the way Rob worded it and I would like to ask:
    Bring them BACK to what? Bringing a people back to their former glory is going to require time travel. On another level this is what repentance is – time travel. So we are back at the first principle of Christ’s simple and true gospel. It is so important for us to realize how real this is. To see clearly the vision of Zion is to see things multigenerationally and multidimensionally. I can not stress this enough. Only through doing this will missing pieces fall into place and will we Mormon white boys be filled and charged with a sense of purpose plus the clear understanding of how to accept and accomplish that divine purpose of assisting the remnant, being numbered among them as they build Zion.
    A big portion of our confusion comes from being raised to think of physical structures when we hear the phrase “Building Zion”. It is one of the first thoughts to cross our Babylonian-raised brains. We come by it honestly…even the words of Orson Pratt quoted in this piece and spoken way back in the 1800s assume that “Building Zion” means construction of physical buildings. But Deuteronomy 6:10 says:

    “The LORD your God will soon bring you into the land he swore to give you when he made a vow to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is a land with large, prosperous cities that you did not build.”
    It is written that:
    “then shall the power of heaven come down and be in the midst of this people, and I also will be in their midst.”
    Long ago, thousands of years before Brigham & Co. spoke of a sweeping destruction along the western border of Missouri, Isaiah had already forecasted a “great forsaking in the midst of the land”. The word “midst” literally means “middle-est”, in otherwords, the most central point. If you take the U.S.A. to be the latter-day Egypt of which Isaiah is prophesying (with such undeniable correlations such as the same national bird flying over red, white, and blue symbolic colors of the civil union of one-time divided northern and southern kingdoms), and if you measure from the eastern most seashore to the other shining sea on the west coast, and from the northern border to the southern most regions; you really can not get any more dead center than Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. As far as precise prognostications go, the word of the Lord to Isaiah, the prophet’s prophet, is reiterated throughout the Bible, Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine & Covenants with the greatest confidence. The first section of the D&C invites us to: “Search these commandments, for they are true and faithful, and the prophecies and promises which are in them shall all be fulfilled.”
    To locate something in the midst of a specified space is not the same as identifying its presence as being merely among a collective group or mass. Using the word “among”, connotes a much more vague relation in comparison with the superlative word “amidst”. So when Joseph, the latter-day scribe pens an echo to the resounding ideas of Isaiah 34, we can ascertain key truths if we will remember the specific function of the word – “midst”.
    And the Lord, even the Savior, shall stand in the midst of his people, and shall reign over all flesh. (D&C 133:25)
    And also the Lord shall have power over his saints, and shall reign in their midst, and shall come down in judgment upon Idumea, or the world. (D&C 1:36)
    ”Reign (rain) over all flesh”….“Have power over his saints” – why is it worded that way? The footnotes that follow the echo back to Isaiah are even more specific. Notice that the following verse uses the words “thee” and “thou” to refer to a singular “inhabitant” of Zion.
    Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee. (Isaiah 12:6)
    The created universe is based on fractals. When the scriptures speak to our souls of momentous events in a place like the heartland of the United States of America, we would be wise to remember that first and foremost, they are speaking to us of the centrality of our own hearts within our spirit and physical bodies.
    *for more information check out

    Rob wrote:

    “I think of Jack Sparrow’s compass in the The Pirates of the Caribbean. It worked according to their greatest desire. The main characters realize that what their MIND wanted wasn’t what their HEART wanted.” (emphasis mine)
    Rob also wrote:
    “I want to go on a mission to the Native Americans and share the Book of Mormon.”
    The Book of Mormon came highly recommended by Joseph Smith to his target audience of predominately white people living in Victorian Era America. And for their direct and doctrinal descendants, as well as many of their neighbors inhabiting modern-day America, the BoM may just be the most important book they could ever read. However, when Joseph Smith said that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book we have to remember that he was speaking to a specific target audience. And we should also understand the word correct in its true spiritual sense. To be cor-rect means to be right in line with the core. A man’s or woman’s core is their heart. Men and women are wired to be able to communicate with Spirit but this ability depends on a proper alignment between head and heart. Heart in Spanish is Corazon. The word ‘co-razon’ signifies co-reason, or the reasoning together of heart and mind in which Isaiah 1:18 invites us to participate. This alignment is made or broken in the spine at the place where the neck meets the head. This location is designated with the letter Qof in ancient Hebrew and is the reason why in modern English the letter ‘Q’ still resembles a neck connecting at the base of a head. That is why Eshu, the Afrikan cosmological concept of “The Devil,” is described as living at the crossroads. It is the crossroads between mind and emotion or head and heart. When the crossroads is blocked as a result of unexpressed emotion the feeling in the body is experienced as a pain in the neck.
    This condition of stiffneckedness is a manifestation of Eshu which is mentioned over and over again in the Book of Mormon, even more than in the Bible. The true vision of Zion is veiled and can not be accurately received by Latter-Day gentiles, the main target audience of the Book of Mormon, and Zion can not be implemented by them in physical form without first doing some serious spiritual chiropractic work. When a man truly accepts Christ to be his ever-living Head, the loftiest languishing branches of his brain get grafted into the ever-loving Heart. In this way the Tree of Life is revived. But when we undertake to separate the grey matter with which our heads are stuffed, into black and white texts to be brashly branded onto the trusting flock of the Good Shepherd, we only succeed in scrambling our own brains into a liturgical lobotomy of confusion.
    *for more information check out

    • Alright, so I’m reading your comment and I’m thinking at one point, ya, the center place, that’s within us.

      Also, as Elder Chantdown is aware, and I’m thankful for his comments, they are rad…that I have repented aka rethought a lot of things. Many things I thought before and felt were only partial understandings. There were still many veils, as there still are, to be removed from me. When I reconcile with the Lamanites, when I connect with my brethren, it will only be with love and joy. There will be no motive or goal, it will just occur as it happens. And what will happen? We will most likely not know till we get there. And if there is some vision, it will probably only be a window view into it.

      As far as our changes and our brethren of the First Nations, it isn’t so much about going back to the “old ways.” Those were as riddled with corruption as well, albeit probably not as much as those held by my ancestors. I think/feel it will be about going in, and we will only be able to get to the deepest layer, past the last veils together.

      This is a rebirth time. In the book Outliers, it’s mentioned how certain time periods had some amazing things happen. I think the time period of about 30 or so years ago did something and many people that we are now connecting and becoming Zion are interestingly connected to each other and disconnecting from the culture of our heritage. Seriously, I really think that Mayan prophecy about the end of the world, which was misunderstood and is really a beginning of a new world is correct.

  10. I love posts like this. One day I read the Lord’s words about Lehi’s seed building up Zion and I was thunderstruck. We talk so much about Zion, but we miss the bigger picture – it’s not our job to establish that magnificent place. We’ll be lucky if we’re asked to participate. And you’re right, we are doing it completely backwards, which makes wonder if this mission work is sanctioned by the Lord, since he’s been pretty quiet about it.

    One thing I wonder about, though – it seems to me the Remnant of the House of Jacob and thereby Lehi, is a *small* group as I believe in the relatively small area theory of the Book of Mormon – namely Western New York (but I’m by no means married to the idea). My research and study leads me to five nations of the Iroquois, as that’s where Joseph sent early missionaries.

    I personally think it’s a mistake to assume all Native Americans are Lehi’s descendants. Sure, there may be some mixed in here and there, but I think the Lamanite prophet will be raised up from a small group of people.

    Great post. I wish we talked about this more…or even understood it as a people.

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