Mormon Reconciliation

Curses are meant to be broken. Schisms are meant to be sealed. Reconciliation.

I created this blog to record my journey to the land of Zion. I had desires to live a Christ like life, serving the oppressed as Christ did. Then it connected so well with Zion and after looking very briefly into Zion, it was amazing how important it is. To me, of all the important process and focus of the restoration, Zion is the vehicle to achieve so much of that which we only talk about. The pure in heart, those who repent and come unto Christ to live His teachings seek it. The teachings that are now buried away are so beautiful. So I went into studying and searching it out. I did a lot of thinking and listening to figure it out. It has consumed me and I have been so excited…the gospel has become alive again for me. I no longer feel like the author of Above the Vomit describes. This blog was a record, I hoped that it might be of use to others and also that others might help me figure it out as well. It is easier for God to enlighten us when we have our walls broken down and new lenses put on.

In the past few months, some great things have been happening. I have been shown what my role is in going to Zion. I am a Gentile adopted in Ephraim. As such, I am a gatherer, a missionary. I am to serve and do my part unto Manasseh.

I’ve arrived at a new switchpoint. This new track leads and is with the Native Americans, the true descendants of the Lamanites. I’ll keep this blog going forward with what happens there.

I am going to serve them and do whatever I can to help them. Not my way, but the Lord’s way. By shedding my Babylonian system and mentality, I can reconcile with God and accept my place as an Ephraimite. I think this can be applied to our actions. This might be the key to us shedding the Gentile/Babylon beings that we are and letting God reclaim us and reconcile with Him as Ephraimites. I love this flag of the Haida, it’s of an eagle and a raven united. I think it is an appropriate symbol of what I want to do with my brothers of the First Nations.

There are three major missions of the restoration in the last days and I am going to start with the first of those three…

1)Reconciliation with the descendants of Lehi, the Native Americans.

2)Zion redeemed by the Native Americans and assisted by the Gentiles.

3)Missionaries sent out to gather the other tribes.

Our Gentile way has failed. But I believe we can do it by following the example of Ammon and King Lamoni. All are welcome to do as the Spirit indicates and I encourage you to do so and find your path with God. As for me, I am going to an Indian Reservation this summer. I’m not sure where yet. Right now I feel it will be around the Great Lakes area. I need to follow the Carpenter’s Son, “For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?” It isn’t necessarily just the cost, so I have started looking at issues on the Reservations and amongst Native Americans. I figure the more I know, the easier it will be for the Spirit to direct me as to where to go, who to help and what I can do when I’m there. I plan on doing it according to the word’s of Christ in D&C (ex. 84:78-the end) about no purse nor script nor two coats. On my mission for the LDS church, I had an amazing experience, but this time I am not going to do it according to some correlated structure that restricts my openness to the Spirit. If anyone else wants to go, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Mormon Reconciliation

  1. It’s interesting your take about your mission. When you said you have been shown what your mission was, do you mean you got it from the Lord? If so, I’m happy for you, because there is nothing better in life than getting an assignment from the Lord Himself. This is not only a privilege but a necessity for all of us if we ever want to be redeemed. About going to an indian reservation, I think it’s a great idea…my wife is native american, she grew up on a reservation, so your assignment is my whole life’s mission…hehe.
    Anyways, good to hear from you…
    Keep it going, being true to yourself and to God.

    • Ya, it was from God. I’d been praying for direction. I had desires for a long time to serve a mission. I lacked the purpose of what it would be. God showed me things in a very succinct step by step path and then hit me with it, “I will go and serve the Native Americans.” I thought/said it, but it was a powerful perfectly harmonious moment when God put it in me. There have been two times when my countenance and being have been changed and others noticed it and it affected them. This felt like one of those times, but no one else was around.

      I still desire to hear it from His audible voice or one of His angels. That is my hope. In the meantime I’ll keep trying to follow what He shows me and what I can figure out, trying to wake up the God in me.

      So do you or your wife have any advice? Any insider tips? Haha.

      Sorry for taking so long to respond to you. I kept writing these over-detailed, long-winded responses. I had like 5 revisions of it. So I decided to just read your comment then write whatever came to mind first and post it.

  2. Well, about any tips, it only comes to mind one thing. I took a Gileadi class last part of last year and there were there several people helping on the Hopis reservation (many think the Hopis are the true remnant of Lehi) and there was a guy kind of more in charge. I think I could get his info if you are interested.

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