Our Only Hope is in Zion

My brother and I were talking the other night about how things can actually get done, we were talking about a solution…as best as we can figure out right now. This has been on my mind and I can only think of one feasible solution. I’m glad he brought it up, since I feel like I might push it too much on others and Zion can only be born out of our own desires…desires that God has put into our hearts when we open them to Him.

The way is tribal

In tribes, we can care for each other and work together. Like buyes enyuntados. Together the work is magnified and amplified. Some people see a group living a Christ like life as a refining process and sacrifice. Ya, it can be if you are guilted into it, forced or coerced. But if it is a natural result of your desires to follow Christ, then it is a not a negative thing. A big question for me, is how am I to leave my family and go unto the Native Americans? I have started my own family/tribe. I cannot abandon them. But in a larger tribe, we can care for each other and  serving others can be done better and with greater effectiveness. Let’s say I get a stable job where I get two paid weeks leave each year. Okay Spirit, guide me, but I only have two weeks, so make it count. Ya…that will never work. It’s a start, but it has to be all in. I am so excited, I hope it works out. I have been called to serve the Native Americans. Hopefully, by this small means, added with the few others and with the Almighty, once again, the cycle can repeat, miracles can happen, process of Zion will begin. That is not the end all, I hope it happens, but in the meantime, will do all I can to unite with my brothers and sisters of the Great Lakes.

Me just fantasizing, a 20+ acre lot in a tropical climate, where we can grow all our own food, on a lush side where the vegetation grows by the natural rain and our homes are powered by the water and wind. Then our costs and servitude to Babylon will be minimal ~$150 property taxes/year. A place that has a good heart and where we can help those around us and raise our children learning to be one with the others of community where we try to form a comune-ity. I’ve been hangin around Elder Chantdown too much 😉

I’m not advocating some weird group or anything like that. This is just me sharing what my journey is. For many others it will be different and others something similar.

The laws of attraction and Providence will set it up.

If you read this and have some other ideas, even if you don’t think they are better, please share them.

Jason Scott Lee in a documentary about his life, speaks about living the Hollywood life, nice hotels, money, jets, the whole thing, but when he wanted to leave, people questioned it and he responded, “What is the point if I’m not happy?” In the short video, he explains going Pono.

The more I think about it, it’s key to go back to the basics and the most basic is our relationship with everything. Let’s make it simple. Be one with the Earth, like God says, from the dust we came and to the dust we’ll return. Live in harmony with the Earth. Live in harmony with God and with others. Doing those three things and we’ll be good. think about it…if you succeed in those three things, what more could you ask for or want? Jesus thought so when he taught that all other things were natural results of Loving God and our brothers/sisters. Living in harmony with the Earth will allow us to accept the stage in which we can go out there and live like the Savior. This is really important, especially for those with tribes already started.

He says some good stuff, even more in the full documentary and some things I don’t agree with, like we are servants of the earth. For me, Mormonism is about seeking all truth. Jason is speaking of some truth that most don’t seek and it is important to be complete, to have the whole truth and understanding.

I guess I’m looking for purists.

I’ve come to realize, I’m actually searching for other people who are looking for purists. Those are the right mix with a little go-getter in them

Compare our society to Zion. Noah said it well, “Your insurance policy isn’t your investment account, but your community.” At least here in the states, we have little to none of that. Even within families, there is virtually none. Our children are put into daycare, raised by others, spend the majority of their hours awake at school, raised by others. Those same children turn into adults who spend most of their daytime away from the family at work. Then the elderly are put into senior homes. Think about it. If we truly invested in our community, in our families, all these other insurances for our well being and safety would be non-existent.

These are part of the reason why we don’t have the freedom to serve missions as the Spirit dictates, why Lucifer is laughing with us chained to him, and instead are guided by the constraints or style of Babylon. The major problem and game plan is to tie us to Babylon, make it so that we are obligated to stay and become part of the system. Some even try to become a successful product in the system. For most they are just prisoners of the system, albeit voluntary prisoners even though they don’t realize they are prisoners nor do they accept that they can break free.

The ideal family in American to many, is one with a nice home, car, clothes, deliciously prepared meals, many times from restaurants, who can spend quality time together during their one week vacation each year as well as a Saturday morning most weeks. That’s the gospel that many follow, but it is not the Gospel of the Carpenter’s Son. Look at the results, when dying people were interviewed, here are their top 5 most common regrets:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard (They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship)

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier

This is the American perspective, imagine third world nations. I’m not even mentioning those with children dying of starvation or the slave trade (sex and labor).

Above is in Somalia where they don’t even have resources for the mental ill, so they chain them to rocks together. The others are from my trip to Honduras. The middle images is from an orphanage. It broke my heart. The kids have some workers who don’t do much…just make sure they survive. The boys around 7 years old would run up to me and hold my hands and call me tio (uncle) and that would make their days. They only want some love and affection. What do we want? What do we desire. It isn’t right what is going on. I want to get a place where I can take all these kids and love them and raise them. Someday, it will happen. There are some other things I’m working on for them, but in the moment, I bought them all ice cream with whip cream and caramel and chocolate syrup. Ice cream is my favorite treat. I doubt most of them had ever tasted it. The best was when I’d ask which syrup they wanted, no one had seen caramel before, so they never wanted it. I begged some kid to try it and she loved it. Then they’d each try it. Then their answers changed from chocolate to both! Sooo precious. Maybe the highlight of my life, no exaggeration. I have my three own boys and I love them so much, but there was a whole orphanage of children that had one good afternoon of delight. The boy on the right, would run out on the highway by his house and beg for money from cars. In hindsight maybe it wasn’t the best to give him money for running in the highway because it will encourage his parents to put him in danger, at the same time, maybe that is their only option as they live in the mountains. Either way, we need to help these people. Could you imagine if your child ended up in one of these circumstances. No way in hell you’d let them stay there. These are all God’s children, our brothers and sisters. Imagine how he feels about them. Not to guilt you into it or compel you, but just to sympathize and hopefully get you to relate and connect with God and his Spirit. Imagine at the judgement day, when God weeps over these children and asks you about them. So now, open your heart, let God connect with you. Don’t wait till later. It will be incredible.

So where are we at?

In our society we cant wait for the weekend. Every day, we can’t wait to get home, then the we check out the calendar for a holiday. We wait all week for the weekend, yet when we get there, we go all out on Saturday or we chill. Then Sunday comes and we drag ourselves to church, how often does anyone go, I’m so excited to go to church! This is who we live our lives? We don’t live in the moment. Yet when we do, how can anyone be satisfied with our lives? What’s the point?

“I also came to realize that it’s very easy to live like you’re in prison. For example, I live in a small apartment. I watch television and movies, I read regularly, I write, I go to the gym…For many people I know, that is about 90% of their lives. Maybe more. I should be careful about living a life that so closely resembles prison. I should hop a flight to Belize. We all should.”

Recognize the illusion and accept that eternity is now.

We all fail. We all live in the illusion so perfectly illustrated in the endowment.

Belief in illusion can never change reality, notwithstanding it can change the appearance of it.  This may be a difficult concept to fully grasp because one needs to get out of the illusion in order to see (perceive) it (the truth) clearly.  That is, the idea of how illusion fills its purpose will be fully grasped only after one fully emerges from it. The illusion is not destroyed.  Nor need it be, since it is unreal (illusion) in the first place.  The illusion will continue to fill a purpose after Adam has emerged from it, but it will be a different one because opposition is not what it is really about.  Moreover, what Adam has been doing after becoming lost in the illusion is the same thing that he will do after he emerges from the Fall: Re-creating himself.  The illusion will not change, but Adam’s knowledge of himself will.

But the gathering Spirit has stirred, the veil of indifference that has chained us, doesn’t really exist. It’s like in The Matrix (yes, I’m using a Matrix clip, I know…I know,  but this is pertinent)

“Do not try and bend the spoon — that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends, only yourself.”

There is no chain, there is just an illusion. The illusion doesn’t need to change, it is a lie, we need to realize who we are.
Once individuals accept the truth and recognize the illusion, they will want to move forward, Zion is the desire, even though it may come in different names.

There is an ancient Jain adage, “First you give, then you receive.” If we want to receive and experience the divine aspect of our existence it is first required that we give up (become less attached) to those things that detract our attention from our divine, Pure Soul nature. Much of the time we are convinced that we need all these things to work out or have more things in our life to be fulfilled. Maybe we are trying to fill voids in our life with other things? Like they are saying, letting go and letting things happen without us controlling everything is a good thing too.

40 thoughts on “Our Only Hope is in Zion

  1. Great post. Very thoughtful. I liked your story about the children and wanting to help them. I’ve had the same feelings for people in the Philippines.

    The thoughts of recognizing the illusion are great. It’s so hard to operate when others around you are unwilling or unable to recognize the illusion.

    • I think experiences we’ve had, like you in the Philippines are going to be used for some great good one day. It’s one of those catalysts that changes our direction. I really want to create an opportunity to help out as many of the countless people as I can. Like I said in the post, this is really the best way I can see it happening.

      The illusion practically always covers almost everyone. That’s probably why Zion will be so powerful because that illusion won’t be holding the people back and they will be able to accomplish so much.

    • Feeding the poor isn’t so much for the their sake. If God wanted the poor fed, don’t you think he’s capable of feeding them? Jesus said, “For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.” (Mark 14:7) Doesn’t that sound selfish? Not at all. It’s a matter of priority. Who would you rather serve, a man who is following God or one who is following himself? Many poor people are poor because they refuse to follow God and insist on doing things their own way (I speak from experience) and so God cannot bless them, because if he were to reward them for rebellion, they would become more rebellious. Instead God’s hope is that people will turn to him in their misery and then they can be blessed by him vicariously through his Saints. No one should help the unrepentant poor, not if they want to be like God.

      • “Instead God’s hope is that people will turn to him in their misery and then they can be blessed by him vicariously through his Saints. No one should help the unrepentant poor, not if they want to be like God.”

        this is false. god answers my prayers even when i do not repent. and there are many wicked men who are not poor. who are we to decide which poor man is wicked and which has repented sufficiently to merit relief? the sermon on the mount teaches the opposite of what you have taught here. follow your logic a few more steps and god should stop blessing the entire earth and just destroy us all and start over.

        Mosiah 4:16 And also, ye yourselves will succor those that stand in need of your succor; ye will administer of your substance unto him that standeth in need; and ye will not suffer that the beggar putteth up his petition to you in vain, and turn him out to perish.
        17 Perhaps thou shalt say: The man has brought upon himself his misery; therefore I will stay my hand, and will not give unto him of my food, nor impart unto him of my substance that he may not suffer, for his punishments are just
        18 But I say unto you, O man, whosoever doeth this the same hath great cause to repent; and except he repenteth of that which he hath done he perisheth forever, and hath no interest in the kingdom of God.

        Matthew 5: 45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

  2. Just having a conversation with a friend yesterday. We talked about the people who gather and setup compounds and try to seperate from society. Like the Waco folks or Montana Militia, etc. Some kind of work, others (most) fail. The realization I have come to is if anything like that is ever going to work, aka. Zion, it is always about a choice to change, or rather allow God to change your heart. this is not profound, but perhaps it is.

    Steve Jobs said…“Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” I absolutely love the ideas of having the courage to sever the chains that tie us to Babylon. So often I hear people say say that I have said what they were afraid to. Why are they afraid to say it? What false belief is holding them to a culture that stifles free thought and even experimentation upon the word?

    I believe that this is a big part of really establishing Zion. Those who have actually done it before were not tied to a cultural belief other than a total conversion and trust in Gods way of thinking and doing.

    I don’t want to blame, only follow my path to God. Others would have me believe that I need to get that path approved by them or some kind of committee :-). If there is genuine service to be done outside of the ward or outside of the bringing in meals and helping people move, it never happens because we are tied to the belief that we need some kind of permission. Dear God I pray, hard, for the time when such insanity is realized in the minds and hearts of us all.

    Sincere thanks for your thoughts from a kindred spirit.

    • Shawn, that is profound. It may seem simple, which it is, yet few heart it and less believe it. We’re watching the ten commandments on tv. I think a contrast between those examples you gave and what Zion is like, is given by Moses. Moses wants to go up to Sinai, and his future wife, tells him no man can step up on that mountain. He asks if any man has seen God face to face and she tells him no. He asks why and why he won’t free his people. She tells him it is not up to us to question God. He says he won’t stop till he hears the word of God from God himself.

      It has to be within our own desires, not following anyone but God.

      As far as fear, maybe it is more that we are more comfortable the way we are and that we think we won’t be as comfortable or as happy. We don’t truly believe it will be better for us and we’ll be better off.

      Amen to your prayer…Amen brother.

      • The non-LDS model for the type of communal living that we need to build for Zion is not the survivalist fortresses, but the kibbutzim. I’m not terribly familiar with them yet, but from what I’ve seen, there are a lot of solid ideas for how to build a community which wishes to work together in concert. Old Colony Mennonites and Hutterites have some good ideas too that are worth considering.

        • Like survivalist fortresses, my friend Noah calls it “circling the wagons.” I’ve looked into the Mennonites, Hutterites, Amish and many indigenous tribes. Thanks for mentioning those, especially the kibbutzim. That is interesting because it lead to the Jews re-establishing the land of Israel. The more I think about it though, Zion will be different. There will be Jerusalem and the New Jerusalem in the last days, but they will be very different. Jerusalem will be at war with the world while Zion will be a refuge, a place of peace where the Lord will fight their battles. So there is going to be some major differences before the second coming.

          As far as what I mention in this post, it’s not the establishment of The City of Zion itself, but before that, a way for those who seek Zion, to set themselves up to dedicate and follow the Lord. To separate from Babylon and dedicate themselves to the cause of Zion and have the lifestyle to follow the Spirit and raise families with a different way that is not under the veil of illusion the rest of the world is under.

          • “To separate from Babylon and dedicate themselves to the cause of Zion and have the lifestyle to follow the Spirit and raise families with a different way that is not under the veil of illusion the rest of the world is under.”


      • If you study the historical accounts of Moses and Abraham, you’ll see a similar picture. Abraham grew up among the ruling class of Babylon (the Chaldeans). Abraham desired “to be one who possessed great knowledge” so he sought out “the fathers”, who we know to be Shem on down to Noah according to the Book of Jasher. With this knowledge Abraham gained great power and was able to defeat the world powers of his time in a war. He tithed the plunder from this war to Melchizedek (Shem).

        We see a similar story with Moses. Moses grew up among the ruling class of Egypt. He eventually saw the injustice within this kingdom and decided to take matters into his own hands, becoming a vigilante. He was forced to flee Egypt. Shortly thereafter he found Jethro, from whom he received the Melchizedek priesthood, which apparently wasn’t present among the Hebrews living in Egypt. After he received this priesthood he was able to talk to God and perform miracles. He had gained access to the “mysteries” of the kingdom.

        You see in both cases, these men had to look outside the fallen religion they’d grown up in and seek out the religion of “their fathers.” They didn’t try to set up tribes to get around the orthodox religious hierarchy. They knew as Joseph Smith knew that the religions of their day did “draw near to [God] with their lips, but their hearts are far from [him], they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof.” Until you get the power of God, you won’t stand a chance against the deluge coming upon this world. Seek out righteousness, it’s the only way to save yourselves and your families.

        • I get what you’re saying here. I say a similar thing all the time and there are many other cases in history and scriptures of others that show that same path.

          “They didn’t try to set up tribes to get around the orthodox religious hierarchy.” Pretty sure I didn’t explain myself as well as I could have in this post. I wouldn’t advocate setting up tribes to get around the orthodox religious hierarchy. I think I know what you are talking about.

          Haha, I can’t even write what I can see, I keep rewriting the thought that I have and it just does come out right. Probably because I don’t see the whole picture yet. Anyways, to me, a tribe (and there might be a better term) is what Moses had. He was married, had Jethro and some family there supporting each other. For me, when I refer to my tribe, it is my spouse and children, right now. Wherever we end up and if it is with my brother and his wife and kids or whoever, then that would enlarge the tribe. It’s not something set up to achieve something. It is a natural result of people gathering together with the same desires, accepting our oneness as the “mysteries” are unfolded and we come to true knowledge of who we are. Like Orson Pratt said, “Now I believe that before the redemption of Zion, there will be a voluntary feeling to carry out the celestial law. That is happening, those individuals are being lead to one another. There are different talents and missions but that zionistic heart and mind are there.

          Providence leads those like who are certain levels of understanding together. Certain things mysteries are only gained like the school of the prophets and that occurs as those who have their hearts truly changed gather and have the ideal relationships of friendship. For lack of a better term, I call those associations tribes.

          I’m breaking through the veil of illusion yet I still have many apparent issues to remove “Then our costs and servitude to Babylon will be minimal ~$150 property taxes/year.” One foot in, one foot out, I see my problems, my vision isn’t totally clear yet. It’s happening though…soon.

          • I like that quote from Orson Pratt. I believe it to be true. Those who seek righteousness will gravitate together, ultimately forming one tribe: Zion. Every example I have found of people leaving Babylon always shows them gathering under one man who unites them, whether that is Melchizedek/Abraham, Jethro/Moses, or Lehi/Nephi. The pattern repeats over and over.

            If separate tribes are formed, as you envision, I can’t imagine that they will be separate for long. I believe there will be several outposts set up in the Rocky Mountains for the peaceful to gather in safety before the march back to Independence, Missouri. I think Alma is a good example of this. He gathered a “tribe”, but ultimately rejoined the main body of the Saints under King Mosiah. There is in fact a allusion in that story that the people Alma was leading weren’t entirely obedient and so they were caused to suffer for awhile before they were repentant enough to follow Alma back to Mosiah’s people. This may be the case with some of our modern day tribes. Also remember that King Noah received his Priesthood office through legitimate hands (his father, who is described as having been a righteous man), he just used his Priesthood position and power in wicked ways. We’ve all got to get the Spirit so that we know if we’re being led by men who are ordained of God or whether we’re being led by men who speak flattering words. It took Abinadi being sacrificed before Alma’s eyes were opened. Up until then he must have been under the delusion that everything King Noah did was righteous. How many will remain deluded? Seems the majority of King Noah’s Twelve apostles died in their sins. Let him who has eyes to see, see.

  3. The fear is in challenging authority. When we do so we challenge the solidarity of the group, and that makes everybody extremely nervous. We mark ourselves as scapegoats; exile becomes inevitable. Think of Satan’s question to the preacher: “What will become of you if you leave my employ?” That question terrifies us. We are all of us in the employ of Babylon. And like Shawn said, most people who try separate from society ultimately fail.

    • It’s an important point that Shawn makes. So why do they fail? I really want to know. Like you say Noah, people don’t like to be the scapegoat or singled out, yet that is a natural result of following Christ.

      Last night I was trying to figure it out as I was falling asleep. A few thoughts that came to me….
      1)Like marriage, people should only do it because they desire it with all their heart. It consumes them. Just like a relationship can. It mustn’t be done for the wrong reason which i think is the first major hurdle.

      2)Then it needs to be focused on a righteous cause. Some groups are formed just for the sake of having a group. That won’t work. Neither will being in a group just thinking that because the group has “better” people it will work out and be able to succeed doing the same thing as the society they left. There are societies and groups…thinking of buddhist monasteries that are great. But it has to be more. It has to be on the path and example that have left us examples, like Alma and his crew of Ammon and bros. They were trying to reconcile.

      3)Being friends is the other big one. Lack of that is what stops things from going and also breaks things up. That’s one of the reasons why families sever because they are together for the sake of family or because they’re supposed to cause they’re family. Also, just simple stuff like not being a dick.

    • My wife, who is much wiser than I am reminded me of one experience we had, that has since repeated itself a few times. She suggested I pass it along after she read some of the comments. As we found ourselves placed in situations where our current life choices have been questioned, concern over express, or even out and out ridicule given, the Spirit prompts us to remind them what was expected.  Let me explain.  
      The first time we were placed in a situation where we had to explain or even justify our actions to family I was prompted to remind them, and I still remember it word for word.  “You were taught in Sunday school that we were the generation that would usher in the Savior’s return.  You were taught in Elder’s Quorum.  You were taught in leadership training meetings.  You were told when you were set apart as the Primary President, the Teacher Quorum Adviser, the Seminary Teacher, the Bishop that we were the generation that would usher in the Savior’s return.  You testified to us in CTR-A, in seminary, in Young Women’s, in Youth Conferences, and in Sacrament Meetings that we were the generation expected to usher in the Savior’s return.  Why are you surprised when these things happen?  Why are you surprised when we start living and acting the way you have always hoped we would?  Why are you surprised even now?”  And as the Holy Ghost rings resounding Truth in their hearts, and there is no doubt, the contention stops.  The contention stops, and it is enough.  You can still feel the concern, the worry, the lack of support, or even disdain – all those things we fear most, but the contention stops, and for now…it is enough.
      When the time comes He will just tell you what to say.  It will work every time.  It has for us.  It is still amazing, when I am prompted, it just rolls out- and it works.

        • I have been thinking about this for a few days; I have been trying to think if there was one event or comment that stuck out more than any other. Plain of it is, it is just like I said the contention stops, but they still “just love us and are concerned about us making mistakes and mis-understanding what the Lord or the Brethern are saying.” “We just don’t support this.” I think sometimes they feel threatened, imagining that we are either inviting them or telling them they need to join us. I believe nothing of the sort. The Lord needs to lead them to this choice or they will never be truely committed in their hearts, and unable to recieve the blessings presented. There has never been a profound resolution. I don’t expect there would be, most are to distracted and deceived to see beyond what our words say, usually the Tv is on a half hour later to some sports game or fox news or wheel of fortune. Or they are facebooking, or gossiping in the kitchen, or headed out because it’s 30% off somewhere.

          Everyone is too distracted and busy for them to say anything that would indicate they really are listening. I wish I had something more positive to relate, but it is as it is.

          • The Lord needs to lead them to this choice or they will never be truely committed in their hearts, and unable to recieve the blessings presented.
            That’s the key. It’s hard for those in hierarchy to accept that, as well as those who desire to be led by other men. Yet the Lord has even plainly stated otherwise, and right off the bat too: D&C 1:19 The weak things of the world shall come forth and break down the mighty and strong ones, THAT MAN SHOULD NOT COUNSEL HIS FELLOW MAN, neither trust in the arm of flesh This is what I was trying to get to in the post. It has to be born out of desires that occurred as we open our hearts and turned them over to God. Otherwise it is not the change that is needed or effective in the long run. Like I was saying, it is one the big reasons why Joseph’s attempt at Zion failed.

            I don’t expect there would be, most are to distracted and deceived to see beyond what our words say, usually the Tv is on a half hour later to some sports game or fox news or wheel of fortune. Or they are facebooking, or gossiping in the kitchen, or headed out because it’s 30% off somewhere.
            This is what I wanted to talk more about in this post, but it was getting too long. We are chained to a system that gets you to commit and dedicate and bind you to it, while the purpose and pleasures and fruits of the system are empty, mind numbing. Frederick Douglass gave a revolutionary examination of our situation (as Elder Chantdown commented here), even though it was regarding plantation slaves. Which is perfect because a slave is a slave. The slavery that destroys a person is the slavery of the mind/spirit and not the physical slavery of prison/plantation/etc. Joseph of Egypt, was a free slave. He was in slavery, but his spirit/mind/heart was not enslaved, that is why he rose, he still was free to become one with God and God lifted him up.

            That also is part of what got me to wake up, “Adam, awake and arise.” God opened my eyes to the pathetic state we are in. The emptiness of it.

            • “This is what I wanted to talk more about in this post, but it was getting too long. We are chained to a system that gets you to commit and dedicate and bind you to it, while the purpose and pleasures and fruits of the system are empty, mind numbing.”

              We should all be talking about it more, and yet – we shouldn’t. How to explain that one. The whole system of mortality is designed to do just that, blind and bind. We came here to learn basically one lesson, true dependence on the Savior. For sure, there comes a time we one must awaken and shake off the chains of hell, and those who genuinely desire the atonement will find it, but those who are not ready will stay asleep or blinded or in the machine. So we talk about it to find others, to gain support and fellowship, and to testify of the workings of Christ. There is a real danger to ourselves spiritually when we allow those who still sleep, or who are not yet changing and moving towards the now of the atonement, to affect us with anger, frustrations, contentions. Sometimes we might even judge ourselves better or more righteous, and yet this is the same judgements they make. We are all exactly were we need to be, and as we accept that we should be finding more joy in the entire process we call life.

              I think this is one thing that has me reading (listening) to your ideas. You don’t seem to be beating it into your readers. I wonder though if you ever fill like you are shouting at the wind. Some times I do myself. Thank you do it though.

              I also find some of the things Elder Chantdown says filled with dry wisdom and I like that. What he related is especially relevant to the world as a who, and more relevant to those sons and daughters who have taken covenants in this life. Thank you.

              • “Thank you for doing it though”. Oh why can’t we control electronic things with our minds, it would get things done faster, and would prevent me from sounding like an unlearned lout. Pardon my thumb typing.

              • From the intro of the Temple Endowment book “Since this is the fullness of times, it is true that many things which have been hidden and kept “secret” since the beginning of the earth are to be taught openly. Evidently, time is very short. The temple endowment must begin to “get through” to those who are ready to listen and learn. However, at best, this book is merely an introduction. Learning is not a substitute for discovery.” As far as my style, I’ve learned one has to discover these things. If they have discovered them, then what I share will just confirm those things, maybe add some insight. For others who are still unaware of the chains that bind us, maybe it will spark something in them, that will help them.

                My intention with this blog, was just to be a journal of my journey to Zion. Something that others could help me figure out. Of course it evolves and hopefully improves over time. As far as: “I wonder though if you ever fill like you are shouting at the wind.” It is pretty obvious that the time of the Gentiles is about to be fulfilled and their time will over very shortly. It is confirmed by conversations I have participated in as well as the actions and focus of the LDS in large that are so hardened and are truly the Drunkards of Ephraim. It feels like Alma and his brethren among the Nephites and Zoramites. I mainly share things because I am so excited about them. I think others would enjoy these truths and life too. Many don’t listen, ignore, don’t care or blow it off. I might have done the same if they were presented to me a few years ago. Maybe, maybe not. I might have totally missed it.

  4. Not long ago my wife and I faced these very questions. For 15 years we waited for the Lord to somehow grant our childless marriage the joy so many of our brothers and sisters seemed to be given. We were active in the Church, so on and so on. I say so on and so on, because that was exactly how we felt our relationship with the Lord was going, and the same with our Church service. So on, and so on. It was never bad, always gratifying, but still lacking something more. The something more being the intimate relationship with the Saviour. The something more being spiritual progress, not spiritual enduring. This so on and so on, this is not what we wanted, and we were very aware of this. Where were the promised blessings from the scriptures and from the Temple. Knowing that the Lord isn’t moved in His keeping of covenants, it became clear therefore, there must have been something we were not doing right. It turns out there was. Many things in fact, but the one thing the Spirit kept telling us is we were not living all of our covenant. It was clear to us that the long for Zion we were working to build and praying for in a most literal sense, was just going to come no matter how many prayers and how hard we worked. It had to start with us, and we had to refocus our intent. We want Zion, let’s start. Amazingly, this is exactly what we covenant in the Temple.

    So, all of the worldly concerns, including concerns about what our family, friends, and even our leadership and authority (yes, that was a concern on our heart) had to be set aside. You see, it doesn’t matter, we covenant to build Zion. It’s such a beautiful truth. It doesnt matter, the covenant is between you and the Lord only. He wants you to keep it, He will support so you can keep it, He blesses you when you do. It seemed hard, it seemed scary, it seemed impractical – and yet, over a year and a half later I can look back and see it was nothing of the sort. We just had to do it, and we did.
    Since there isn’t a way formally set up to consecrate we followed the Saviour’s admonishment to the rich man, sold (and gave away) all we had and gave it to the poor. Seriously, all of it. We kept our food and raiment, and some personal non- valuable items. Journals, scriptures, those kind of things. Oh, and this phone, we really just keep it because of the hospital work my wife does. We changed our work carreers drastically, and now with a very meager income, we are blessed to serve daily our brothers and sisters, and our monthly surplus all goes to the poor. Is it practical, no. Do our families understand? No, in fact they do not understand and see it as foolish. But then again we were mocked and told we were to extreme when we gave up all media, tv, so on, years ago. I know I confuse our Bishops. Oh well. Every step has just required us to “do it.” it’s between us and the Lord, not us and them.
    I am not boasting, we could have not do this without the arm of the Lord to give us aid and strength. We have also been fortunate, maybe this thing is harder to do with a full family. It is very easy to understand concerns we all share, about when, how, and so on. All I know is it comes down to just doing it. I don’t advocate what we are doing to anyone else, odd to say this, I know. I believe that it has to be something that you come to on your own, being guided and inspired by the Lord. All I can advocate is keeping all of your Temple covenants. All of them, and completely.

    We want to build Zion, and yet to be builders of Zion we must be endowed with power, we gain this power from our covenants. It is a very literal thing.

    We are happy, joyful, filled with peace and contentment. We go to bed tired. We know the Lord loves us. He is an intimate part of our relationship. We are progressing, and meanwhile blessing and miracles flow unto us.

    I hope that someday others will discover the world that awaits them.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this forgetting.son, I really, really love it. I’m very glad that you are on that path.
      Your story is what breaks through, gives up and courage to others.
      It helps break the illusion and show others that it is possible. Of course like your experience has shown, many will discourage and even fight it.

      It had to start with us, and we had to refocus our intent. We want Zion, let’s start. Amazingly, this is exactly what we covenant in the Temple.
      Simple and powerful, just like the Carpenter’s Son.

      I don’t advocate what we are doing to anyone else, odd to say this, I know. I believe that it has to be something that you come to on your own, being guided and inspired by the Lord.
      I believe this is the key. I love Joseph Smith and admire his courage and perseverance, but I think he was off in trying to get people to build and become Zion. This is my take on it…I see the United Order as a way to get people to systematically become Zion, make it easier or comfortable/acceptable to accept it. Luckily, Zion, will only be born in people’s hearts and accepted in their minds. That is how they become one, otherwise it won’t work.

      • By the way, I sent you an email earlier, I hope that was not presumptive, but I forgot to ask if you were the “other guy” in Seatlle that talked about Zion, evidently more than I. Or enough to garner comments while on splits with the Elders.

        • Oh man, I check that e-mail like once a month. I just went and looked at it. I’ll e-mail you back.

          I haven’t gone on splits with the Elders in years. I would always talk to them when they were on campus at UW. I didn’t really talk about Zion back then, but I would talk about a lot of stuff with them. That’s interesting, I’d want to figure out who that person is.

  5. I really appreciate the sentiments shared by ForgettingSon. I will act as a second witness that what he has shared regarding “just doing it” and the personal nature of our covenants with God, is true. It is sharing the hope that he speaks of, out of a pure desire for all to experience joy in the service of the Lord and “discover the world that awaits them” that I bear the following testimony of some principles which have greatly effected my life and the lives of my family members for better.

    Rob, you mentioned living week to week. I realized that WEEK END and WEAKENED sound the same and the two ideas are very much related. It is a Babylonian trap which is described well by one of my friend and hero, Frederick Douglass.

    In his narratives he describes how the slaves were granted the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day as holidays. This was done not out of any goodness on the part of the slave masters, but as a safety valve to carry off the rebellious human spirit. When I read this I realized that today the modern slave masters had condensed the process to a weekly ritual for diverting the energies of the slaves and protecting the oppressors. In Douglass’ day, as in current times, this is carried out most drastically through alcohol abuse. When presented with a false freedom, we will feel that we might as well be slaves to men, systems and unseen devils since the highly anticipated WEEK END always leaves us in a WEAKENED state.

    Now we all can see how wild and raucous living, especially on a 7 day cycle, has such dire effects on the masses. But do we realize the similar effects of spiritual, mental and physical slavery that are perpetuated when we go ignorantly back and forth between the programs of the Church and State?

    Let Frederick’s words speak to us as “good” church going citizens of the U.S.A. The knowledge found in his comments to us is something that through personal experience we can come to know as a crucial key to the questions posed here to us by Rob.
    1) Where is the righteous living? What happened to the pono?
    2) Why do we live like slaves or prisoners even in such an affluent society? What are we afraid of?
    These words, if we listen and liken them unto ourselves, will also shed light on other earnest questions brought up here and in other posts on Going To Zion as well as many other blogs and conversations among LDS/Christian people who actually yearn, seek and work for Zion but may feel confused as to how to proceed; questions such as:
    “Why is it so hard for most of us to see through the illusion?” and “Why are so many of the best latter-day examples we have of Christian living, of truly Christ-like lives, from Non-Christian people?”

    I have taken the liberty of inserting additional words and making slight changes in the vernacular of Frederick Douglass’ words only to make them more pertinent to us as an audience.

    “Sunday was my only leisure time. I spent this in a sort of stupor, between sleep and wake, under some large tree (steeple) [listening to High Councilman’s talk]. At times I would rise up, a flash of energetic freedom would dart through my soul, accompanied with a faint beam of hope [for ZION] that flickered for a moment, and then vanished… This time we regarded as [the Lord’s Day], by the grace of our masters. Those of us who had families [and callings], were generally allowed to spend [part of] the day in their society… But by far the larger part engaged in such activities as [meetings, meeting and more meetings] and drinking [spiritual] whisky (Drunkards of Ephraim – Isaiah 28); and this latter mode of spending the time was by far the most agreeable to the feelings of our masters. A slave who would [watch and warn] during the holiday [Holy Day] was considered by our masters (bishops) as scarcely deserving [a temple recommend]. He was regarded as one who rejected the favor of his master. It was deemed a disgrace not to get drunk [with the Drunkards of Ephraim]… From what I know of the effect of these holidays upon the slave, I believe them to be among the most effective means in the hands of the slaveholder in keeping down the [Holy] Spirit of insurrection… Their object seems to be, to [bore] their slaves with freedom [of religion], [to lull them to sleep and distract them from even the thought of ZION with busy-work]. For instance, the slaveholders not only like to see the slave drink of his own accord, but will adopt various plans to make him drunk (with Strong Delusion – 2 Thessalonians 2:10-13). One plan is to make bets on their slaves as to who can drink the most whisky [me(S)morize the most scriptures, baptize the most CONverts, chug a whole Book of Mormon within 5 months]; and in this way they succeed in getting whole multitudes to drink to excess. Thus, when the slave asks for virtuous freedom (aka ZION), the cunning slaveholder/stake holder/stake president, knowing his ignorance, cheats him with a dose of vicious [Babylonian Business], artfully labelled with the name of liberty [The name of Jesus Christ]. The most of us used to drink it down, and the result was just what might be supposed; many of us were led to think that there was little to choose between liberty and slavery. We felt, and very properly too, that we had almost as well be slaves to [Washington] as to [Salt Lake]. So, when the [three hour block of Sunday meetings] ended, we staggered up from the filth of our wallowing, (Tables full of vomit and filthiness – no place clean – Isaiah 28:8) took a long breath, and marched to the field‐‐feeling, upon the whole, rather glad to go, from what our master had deceived us into a belief was [ZION or even an organization dedicated to establishing ZION], back to the arms of slavery.

    I have said that this mode of treatment is a part of the whole system of fraud and inhumanity of [Church & State]. It is so… between the Christianity of this land, and the Christianity of Christ, I recognize the widest possible difference — so wide, that to receive the one as good, pure, and holy, is of necessity to reject the other as bad, corrupt, and wicked. To be the friend of the one, is of necessity to be the enemy of the other. I love the pure, peaceable, and impartial Christianity of Christ: I therefore hate the corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping, cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity [Christ-Shun-Insanity) of this land. Indeed, I can see no reason, but the most deceitful one, for calling the religion of this land Christianity [for calling the Nu-Mormonism true Mormonism…for calling Utah Zion]. I look upon it as the climax of all misnomers, the boldest of all frauds, and the grossest of all libels. Never was there a clearer case of ʺstealing the livery of the court of heaven to serve the devil in.ʺ

    It is my sincere prayer that we can all get free from this spiritual, mental and physical bondage. To do so we will have to stop kidding ourselves and be brave. May we be able to stand with god-fearing men like Brother Douglass and say words to this effect:

    “The report got abroad that I was hard to whip; that I was guilty of [questioning my priesthood leaders, of not following the “Brethren”, of evil speaking of the Lord’s anointed], and that, though generally a good-natured [Latter-Day Saint], I sometimes “got the devil in me.” These sayings were rife in [my ward and stake] and distinguished me among my servile brethren [by a tag on my membership records]. Trained from the cradle up to think and feel that their leaders were some kind of [spiritual giants] and invested with a sort of sacredness, there were few who could rise above the control which that sentiment exercised. I had freed myself from it, and the thing was known. One bad sheep will spoil a whole flock/ward. I was a bad sheep. I hated [spiritual] slavery, slaveholders, and all pertaining to them; and I did not fail to inspire other [members] with the same feeling whenever the opportunity was presented.”

    In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • I never thought much into the reasons why…that is amazing. It is so true…that is truth. There are sooo many important truths about our world and society that people should be talking about, but they get hung up on smaller, in many cases trifle issues. Maybe it is providence, because they are revealed/discovered by those seeking truth.

      Douglass was and is a great person. He said, “I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.” This is very much in the same vein as forgetful.son’s comment.

      Douglass, “I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.” Unless we are praying with our legs…something is wrong and we should be concerned. I think your quote reveals that in great detail and in a very powerful way.

    • 1) Where is the righteous living? What happened to the pono?
      2) Why do we live like slaves or prisoners even in such an affluent society? What are we afraid of?

      That’s it man! I think instead of getting overzealous and overwhelming people with whom I speak about all the issues, I should try and bring up those questions. That will hopefully awaken something in others, get them to experiment and see if the seed is good.

      I’m loving Douglass’s story, I’m going to be sharing that one a lot.

  6. Until we can truly love our spouse unconditionally and save our marriage and make it a Zion, we will never be able to do it with our family or a society.

    Marriage is where we prove we have the ‘pure unconditional love for our spouse, no matter what’, that it takes to build Zion on a larger scale.

    As long as we believe in or support divorce or remarriage for any reason, we cannot build or be ready for Zion.

    • Yes, it does start with our own partnerships, our unity, being one with those we have sealed ourselves with. After our own birth by fire and the Holy Ghost, we should naturally have that in our marriages.

      I believe you can have pure unconditional love for everyone, no matter what. Love is the way you treat others. It is not as simple as just an emotion.

      As far as your last statement, I do believe there is remarriage. Every time we have conflict or disunity in our relationships with our spouses, we should remarry ourselves together. Marriage is a ceremony, but in the eternal matters, in truth, marriage is an eternal principle. Instead of reducing/restricting marriage to a ceremony, we should look for the truth. Just as elements can marry and many other things, marriage is more and here are some definitions:
      – to unite closely or intimately
      – to fit together or align (two things); join

      As far as divorce…it is the opposite of marriage. It happens all the time between people. It will continue to do so until we are one…truly, as the Father and the Son are One.

      If you refer to Jesus speaking on the subject in the New Testament, He is giving people answers to live according to the society they had chosen to side with, which was Babylon, not Zion.

  7. AV,
    I agree with the fact that the macro can never be properly built without the micro first being in order.

    BUT WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL by saying that “As long as we believe in or support divorce or remarriage for any reason, we cannot build or be ready for Zion.”??
    If you desire Zion and your spouse does not would you feign place limitations on the God of Israel by adhering to Catholic Dogma devised to quell dissent from Babylon, which is in fact DIVORCE from that Great & Abominable type of society not so lovingly referred to by Prophets and other of her “Exes” as “The Whore” ?
    Are you some kind of oppressive Fundamentalist with multiple marriage partners who you do not truly LOVE and so must rely and teach them to rely on such dogmatic and devilish doctrine as this? – No divorce, no remarriage under any circumstances?

    I would let you slide with such a tiny little tag on to an otherwise great comment. But I am more possessed of a Captain Moroni-like spirit as of late and have always despised bullies. Only recently since re-penting (Re-thinking) and re-turning to my God in SPITE of the “LDS Lifestyle” I was married to, have I been able to come to the point of preferring an exchange similar to Captain Moroni and Pahoran (Protective, Looking for the true Signs and Tokens before blindly trusting any man) over my past life of Non-Confrontational, N.I.C.E. (Nothing Internally Controlled Externally)

  8. And yes, even in a literal way I know that divorce is or will be necessary for some in their individual walk with Christ. This understanding of Christ’s general message may be of great importance to many of our brothers and sisters for them to experience the break-through we all need and should strive for in heeding His personal message in our relationship with Him.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

  9. Maybe I am just bias, but Isaiah 28 has always seemed to me pointing to our not following the Word of Wisdom with the love and gratitude we should, and being misled and deceive about how to observe it. In fact I was thinking of that very context in light of some other thoughts and discussions I was having yesterday. I like your context as well.

    Pono. I am lucky. I spent big parts of my life in the islands. I grew up and matured with locals, we have much to learn from them. A year and some ago we moved away to start our new life, and I miss those brothers and sister so much. Something interesting to think about: How is Pono any different as a concept from really living as an Adam? We make covenants as Adams and Eves. I am certain that those are roles we do not leave behind at the temple gates. Our stewardships are more deeply tied to the land and all of the life we find around us. It is great to think of these ideas, many cultures offer deep insight to our obligations. However, if for just now, we as covenant people can stop, focus on the Endowment, including the Washings and Annointings, we can learn everything needed to start advancing these causes. Until then we will continue to be frustrated, feel helpless, like we are at the bottom of an endless chasm looking up. We need strength, power, purity, and most of all we require every blessing that stems from our covenants. When this happens, we really begin to learn two things: 1. The Lord has everything well in hand. This is hard, we look around and see the world rotting, you can even feel it in places. He really does though. Knowing, really knowing this takes most of the burden that sits on our shoulders and hearts away. I say most because there is always cause for alarm and concern, and it is healthy to feel these things. It is not healthy to feel helpless or frustrated. 2. You can be guided, directed, or just told where He needs you; not where you think you need to be, and those are two very different things. I know we cannot recieve this guidance until we have completely given ourselves to Him, all of everything that is us. There is nothing we can hold on to, not even by a finger nail. We must surrender ourselves to Him. All of who we are.

    I have found that if you are willing to follow the Lord’s example, and pray that the Father’s will becomes our will, and we really desire this, it will happen. Your perspective will change. You will know exactly what you need to do for the Lord and the way is provided.

    Well that is something I know, it isn’t much, but something. Sorry, I am pretty weak when it comes to words.

  10. I want to thank you for a ‘good read’. Many of your thoughts are harmonious with those of my husband and me. Zion starts at home, indeed. I jumped onto here from Pure Mormonism via Daily Paul. Not intending to be political at all; the name popped up, so I’ll use it.

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  12. Sit tight, be patient, & listen for God’s Voice to say Go. And go where he tells you to without hesitation. Don’t stop to pack and trust in God’s Voice.

    Leaving prematurely on one’s own accord, demonstrates a lack of knowing God’s words & counsel in the scriptures pertaining to how Zion is to be established. Societal conditions which will exist during the time for which God will intervene in the affairs of men to establish Zion, will be excruciatingly impossible to overcome without God’s Special Help, or simply giving one’s self over to the New World Order.

    Individual human desire will produce human results for a situation that will require Supernatural Assistance by those given Special Power & Authority of God to overcome things we will not be able to overcome on our own. Power that certainly transcends the current exercise of Earthly Corporate Power among the Status Quo.

    Follow the one truly like Moses or Alma, when He appears bearing the Real Power & Authority of God….When God “Acts Suddenly”, to begin establishing His Kingdom built upon the foundation of the church.

    This is what the Books instruct us to do. Individual or corporate efforts of members to try to establish this on their own, regardless of Good Intent, is likely to find the to road to Zion a Very Lonely One and Very Hard to Find.

    Would you prefer being lead into the wilderness by yourself wanting to exit Babylon before the proscribed time has arrived, or by God’s Prophet, who will have Power & Authority we do not possess…One who arises suddenly from among the King’s evil Court, like Alma, and leads those who are able to hear the True Voice of God ?

    The scriptures are Very Plain about this. Try reading the instructions a little more thoroughly. A little more than our leaders have encouraged us to do. Every individual is responsible for THOROUGHLY knowing God’s Plan for this in the scriptures. I’m not seeing this from the comments I’ve read.

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