Be-ing Zion

In this life, we can’t find the garden of Eden. We can’t find the true meaning of the symbols, because we follow the paths of this world. Even if we got off those paths, we’d still search with our senses in the wrong way, misusing them, missing the point of what they are for. There is a path, but it is beyond us when searching for it in our ways.I can’t believe I’m going to refer to Pirate’s of the Caribbean again but here it is…when Jack goes to the “underworld” in order to find him:

Barbossa: Aye… we’re good and lost now.
Elizabeth Swann: Lost?
Barbossa: For sure, you have to be lost to find a place that can’t be found, elseways everyone would know where it was.

I have become lost. It is a good thing. My ideas, my path, wereway off. I think Lehi was lost when he was going through the mists of darkness. His senses weren’t relaying to him in the way he hoped and he was surrounded by the mists. Yes, he held onto the iron rod, but that is figurative, because the rod isn’t something you hold in your hand…it is the word of God. Lehi had no idea what was going on until he got to the tree.

I thought I caught a great idea, a glimpse of some old legend that was fantastic (in every sense of the word). Where I’m at now, I would have never guessed, even though I was open to change.

Go get lost!

If you desire to find truth, you will. So go, seek it. Get lost and find a better dream. Instead of being lost in a dream (noun; a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.), seek a dream (ajective; most desirable; ideal).

So on my journey to a dream I realized I was lost in a dream. The journey wasn’t a dream, but I was dreaming while on the journey and would never have gotten where I hoped unless some miracles happened. They did.

This blog records pretty well some of the journey.

  1. Zion, a great city and people. Early Saints worked for it. We covenant for it. I’ll go there and help build.
  2. Okay, so Zion was very specific while super open and non-specific. Law of consecration.
  3. Tribes? The church as defined by Christ and the scriptures. The non sectarian version of religion as re-introduced through Joseph Smith.
  4. Native Americans…aka…The Lamanites…aka…The North American Natives of the Great Lakes. Orson Pratt, Redemption of Zion. 
  5. I’m not really an Ephraimite, I’m a Gentile, I have Eprhaim instincts and can accept that.
  6. The calling to go the Native Americans, not build the city of Zion, the Lamanites redeem it, I just gather them and head over there to serve them like Ammon.
  7. Got to get out of Babylon.
  8. Okay, so I got to change who I am, Zion is in the Be-ing. This be-ing is nothing like the act-ing and response-ability.
  9. Crap, leaving Babylon isn’t the whole answer. I need to completely change inside. I’ve been re-acting instead of be-ing, dang? No place can do that to me, God can, I have to recognize it.

Just now, on my lunch break I was standing, staring out the window thinking.  Leaving is key, but not for the reasons I ultimately understood. Moses did. He left Egypt. Ended up with Jethro and co. then left them to go and see God face to face. From the movie the Ten Commandments, Moses wants to go up to Sinai, and his future wife, tells him no man can step up on that mountain. He asks if any man has seen God face to face and she tells him no. He asks why and why He won’t free His people. She tells him it is not up to us to question God. He says he won’t stop till he hears the word of God from God himself. Sees God, the commune, he learns.

Jesus even set himself apart from the world for forty days in the desert.

John the Baptist was apart in the wilderness. He wasn’t raised like most. He was a Nazirite. So was Samson. Here’s a cool link that has to do with a tenet of the Nazirite life that is pretty cool.

Getting lost, I lost the illusion, found truth, being, who we are. What we are and the now.

Ha, another example, not scripture, still cool though, even Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, he leaves, he get’s lost according to Ra’s Al Ghul. He then finds himself.

The prodigal son, had a journey where he learned, eventually, “And when he came to himself,” he returned to his father.

There is a key in the setting apart. A change that happens or can happen. Does it happen only when physically set apart? Does that location make a difference? I’m not sure. But I’ve seen that journey for others and it can result in the same as the prodigal son. When we learn who we are. Cause trust me, most have no idea. No, wait, find out for yourself. We created an idea of who God is, but this image/mask is created in the image of man. And we have man figured all wrong.

The world we live in…we are messed up. Our senses are overwhelmed and we use them erroneously. I never understood the initiatory in the LDS temple. I always was very, very intrigued. It felt and seemed very important. Unfortunately the truth was veiled. I have knowledge now of what it is about. The blessing of our senses, for their true purposes. Sin is missing the point in its most ultimate way. You either get the point or you don’t, there in lies the sin. It’s not some nasty, dirty thing. We all do sin. We need to know the point.

From Max Skousen, “there really are NO LITERAL SECRETS in the present endowments. However, the real lesson might be that there are many, many important secrets–great, marvelous truths concealed under the outer meaning of the symbols and allegories. So we might really say that the endowment is truly secret because most members have never discovered what it means. As one church authority stated, “the real meaning is the best kept secret in the Church.””

Now that I know the point, at least beginning to, this really makes sense.

Much of my life, there have been major influential decisions and there consequences weren’t made known to me until later.


2 thoughts on “Be-ing Zion

  1. lehi was only lost in the darkness until he remembered the mercies of the lord and prayed, then he was able to see where he was.

    28 And now I ago unto the Father. And verily I say unto you, whatsoever things ye shall ask the Father in my name shall be given unto you.

    29 Therefore, aask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; for he that asketh, receiveth; and unto him that knocketh, it shall be opened.

    it is true that our senses our used erroneously. but healing by jesus’s hand will be instantaneous if we have faith. stop watching tv and movies, they will cloud your senses more than you will ever realize, and they will teach you false doctrines.

    “There are television sets in every home, every restaurant, every hotel room, and every shopping mall— now they’re even small enough to carry in your pocket like electronic rosaries. It is an unquestioned part of everyday life. Kneeling before the cathode-ray god, with our TV Guide concordance in hand, we maintain the illusion of choice by flipping channels (chapters and verses).

    … The birth of TV was a magical event foreshadowing its satanic significance. The first commercial broadcast was aired on Walpurgisnacht, April 30th, 1939, at the New York World’s Fair. Since then, TV’s infiltration has been so gradual, so complete that no one even noticed. People don’t need to go to church any more; they get their morality plays on television.” – Anton LaVey

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