The way this post is presented, is different…it came out that way and I think I see a great purpose in what it can do.


Here’s a cool clip of captain america to help raise your spirits.

Watch the first 22 seconds before the theme song, then skip to 12:43 through 13:33…Captain America says a Rad little bit.


On a side note, some amazing gathering of spirits has been occurring. They said the Jews didn’t expect Jesus to come as he did. They were way off and that’s part of why they got him wrong. Well, that’s spot on. After really getting to know that a while back, I recognized that we are most likely way off in what we think Zion is going to be like or how the gathering and establishing are going to occur. So I gave up my idea of how it would occur. Let God and the Spirit guide me. Well, a gathering of spirits has been occurring, it’s beautiful. The ONEness is incredible. All I can do is just happily laugh at how cool it is. I never saw it coming and only see it now as it is happening. There are things I’ve wanted to share in a forum other than the ones I had been using (online, friends, etc). So I will posting things there now.


Prayer, the true order of prayer. Revealers of secrets. They are known, but kept hidden. Who hides them? We hide them from ourselves. As something that is too much. Like someone leaving the cave for the first time and covering their eyes from seeing the fire or when outside, from the brightness of the sun.

Praying after the false order. Asking God to give manipulate reality, to a reality we’d prefer. A reflection of the issue of altering one’s environment…rather than their heart and mind, which would let one truly connect with all, the environment included and thereby changing things, more so changing how they see them. Jesus spoke many time of the first being the last and the last being the first.  It, like His way, was symbolic. So many things for me have been symbolic of this and fulfillment. I didn’t realize it till recently. I thought that the physical were just helpmeets to the spiritual, but then once the spiritual made sense and was understood, then i realized that the physical were more than manifestations of the spirit, they are light as well. We separate and compartmentalize the “spirit” and “body” or the “spiritual” and “physical.” It is all one…truly. I don’t know if that will make any sense until one experiences it. Perhaps it will kindle and interest, spark a flame, recall a truth once valued and lived.

Prayer, was something that I asked God to do for me. I even was taught and accepted that the more specific, the better. If one is specific in detail of what one wants, then the answer will be specific. The need for such a thing rose from the “problem” of God answering prayers in ways that weren’t exactly as I wanted. I remember thinking, “well if I’m not specific, then God will just generally answer my prayer and it won’t be as good.” You see what I did there.

Over the past few months I’ve really been trying a different approach to prayer. I thought I’d gotten it right years ago, because so many prayers were answered, “perfectly” as I thought. But that was off, it was missing, it was mis-understanding, which missing the point which is what sin is. When we get the point, great, you’re there, that’s it. I was telling God, how to run things. I was sitting on the throne, acting as God. I was the being, that I thought the scriptures were referring to the Pope. Of course it is all symbolic and I was symbolically just like the Pope. Most of us find ourselves in that spot…a lot.

So once I started giving up my ideas of prayer, my foundation and believe system on it, things changed. The light started brightening my mind, the windows of heaven, as they always do, were opened and blessings were poured out. The LDS temple endowment started making sense on a whole new level.

As we allow our senses, both spiritual and physical to work, we then lay those before the Spirit and are guided in the moment. Being open, being at peace, being ONE, without setting up any limitations, definitions, standards, God reveals the divine.

My wife and speak about this a lot. One question, was how do we teach that to our children? Right now, the answer came to me. It isn’t something like a parlor trick we can teach to get a special wish done. There isn’t some ritual that helps us divine truth. There is no angry volcano god to appease by throwing a virgin into the lava filled crater and thus have God please with us and what we are doing. Instead, we live it, connect and be ONE with our children and it will be a part of their lives. They will be in the state to know understand the beautiful art of the true order of prayer.


This flows well into another great revelation, which is living in the moment. I was at an LDS conference where David Bednar spoke about being in the moment. It was awesome. Later that week, I read a bit in a book by Michael Jordan about being in the moment, written years ago. It was the same principle. Yet I’m not sure either of them really understood the eternal nature of the moment. They speak of living today, enjoying right now, not worrying about the past or fretting over the future we cannot control. What about understanding that eternity is now. Going complete macro and bringing it to the smallest imeasurable feeling of the moment and living in it, giving it breath…HA…as the Hawai’ians call it. HA-Wai-i.

An example. When we decided to move to Kentucky, it wasn’t last minute. It was in the moment. We knew for some time that we were going to moving. I even put my two weeks notice in at work, about three weeks actually. Well, my last day at work and we didn’t know where we were going. We didn’t have a u-haul booked or flight tickets or any living accommodations. I wasn’t concerned, we had followed the Spirit in all our decisions that lead up to that point. My last day at work, I received an email response to some jobs I had applied to and sent follow-up emails to. It was the principle of an high school in Kentucky. He wanted to interview me asap. So we Skyped during my lunch on my last day at work, a Friday. I was offered the job right then. Then everything else worked out more marvelously then I could have ever dreamt of sending/asking God in a detailed prayer. My mind didn’t have the foresight nor planning to set this all up, well, at least not on it’s own, isolated like I had been in the past as I prayed. Of course the more I understand and experience, the more these words become symbols and messages for others and less about what I see in the now.

I spoke to my wife about not worrying. It will all work out. It always does. Relax. Breathe. Live. Don’t die, which is what results from the stress we feed on and digest like the sickness of cows raised in American cattle systems.

The housing situation is so incredible it’s ridiculous. I love it. It’s what happens as a result of being in the moment, breathing…I like that. I like the Hawai’ians language and understanding. That is powerful. In case you don’t know *sidenote* Ha-breath of life, wai-living waters, i-represents God.

This isn’t a story of how God blesses us or we are getting blessings for doing what is right, aka, we paid tithing and here is the “blessing.” Which sounds a lot like a reward or a dividend. This is about how we can all be ONE and what occurs as that relationship is accepted and enjoyed.

In fact, my life is basically a constant “prayer.” We hear the phrase pray always. The answer I always heard and gave, was to have a prayer in your heart. Which turned out to be quick, short shout outs to God for thanks and help all the time, like text messages or a twitter account between us. In reality, it can mean to be a way of living. Pray always, is the way we interpret the surroundings and experiences and how we connect with them and God.


Here there is grass…

Hugh B Nibley, in his story of the Grosellero or in English, the Currant Bush, is a great example of the differences in the way we view God and ourselves. He was in babylon and that is what happens. The bush is being cultivated according to babylon and that is how babylon works. He pruned the bush, thinking it was the best way. He even heard the bush respond to what he was doing. He said that he knew best. He thought it was how God treats us. He misunderstood. Rather than tending, they disfigure and try to better that which is perfect. The bush is perfect. We reveal our signs and tokens in our society. Look at agriculture. Make some symbolic revelations regarding our spiritual ways. Our physical and spiritual characters are one, whether we accept it or not.

I wanted to live in an Hispanic nation for the spirit, genuineness and heart. That’s what we have here in Kentucky. It’s really cool. It wasn’t my first choice. I had Costa Rica, Hawaii, then Kentucky on my list. I personally wanted to go somewhere else, but as I discussed, living the true order of prayer, led us down a different path.


This has been made known to me in so many things. It really is about us, about so much. It’s really really cool. I guess it is a big part of the windows of heaven being opened and blessings that came from that path/medium. I won’t explain it here. When you seek for it, you will experience it and it will be soooo beautiful. True Art. Everything is so exciting. Truly becoming alive in Christ…I really had very little idea of what that meant before and that is saying a lot, because I was very knowledgeable with the scriptures and wikipedia. Throw me on jeopardy! and I can go toe-to-toe with the best of them on random facts. That’s not bragging, that is evidence of how menial that all is…what fruit that produces. Much like the artificial tomatoes bought in grocery stores and then compared to natural grown ones.

You are beautiful…everyone of you.

3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. “i realized that the physical were more than manifestations of the spirit, they are light as well. We separate and compartmentalize the “spirit” and “body” or the “spiritual” and “physical.” It is all one…truly.”
    Thank you, I really liked your post and the above statement. It is a blessing that much of what you explain resonates with me!

    Eternity is now! It isn’t in a distant land or time. You stand in it as an ocean surrounding you.

  2. i’d like to talk with you about zion and other very important things if you have some time. andrew lehi lambright is my full name if you have Facebook.

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